Tuesday, February 24, 2015

2015 Track Season

It is finally time!  The 2015 Track & Field Season is here, and we, as a coaching staff, couldn't be more excited!!  Since the exciting conclusion of last year's season we have been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to see what this year holds in store!  Hopefully you're ready to go too!  There are several things we would like you to be aware of this year:


There will be a Parent Meeting for all athletes and their parents on Tuesday, February 24th @ 6:00 pm in the SHHS Cafeteria.  Please make every effort to be there!  We will be registering for the season and going through all the necessary information for the season as well.  Please be there!


We will be trying a new Texting Service to keep you and your parents in the loop throughout this season.  It is free to use, and it allows us to contact the team in one message!  All you need to do is text "@shhs-track" to 81010.  Get on and do it right away!

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We will also be using Twitter throughout the season for information, results, pictures, and all things Skyhawk Track.  Follow us @SkyhawkTrack.


For our Team Gear ordering this year, we will be using an online service to help keep it simple and organized.  There are a lot of different options on the website.  NOTHING IS REQUIRED.  I repeat, only order what you want!  We want to provide several different options/combinations, but there is no expectation for you to buy what's there.  That being said, if you are going to buy ANYTHING, buy the Team T-shirt!  We will wear those to school on meet days sometimes, and we look sharp at meets when we all are wearing them! 
The website is http://coachsassistant.gtmsportswear.com/skyhawktrack
Order deadline is March 2nd.  PLEASE BE SURE TO PLACE ORDERS BY THEN!


We will again be doing a "Spike Night" to help get our athletes into a good pair of competition and/or training shoe.  We are going to be making a change this year, however.  We have hooked up with our community's new running store--ENDURANCE ATHLETICS to do our Spike Night.  They will have a wide variety of spikes/competition shoes as well as trainers discounted for our team that night.  Not to mention a bunch of pizza for the athletes!  It will be TUESDAY, MARCH 3RD from 6:00-9:00 pm.  Endurance Athletics is located at 735 N Main Street in Spanish Fork (in the shopping mall with The Italian Place)

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I get asked all the time where to find the Meet Schedule.  Well, you've come to the right place!  There's several ways to find it here.  At the top of this page is a tab that says "2015 Track Schedule."  Or, you can scroll to the bottom of this page and look at the Google Calendar there.  Or, you can click RIGHT HERE and download a copy of it.


I also get asked all the time about where to find Meet Results (as you should ask!)  We put all our season results up on www.athletic.net.  It's a great website that provides a wonderful service to our sport.  As soon as I have official results, I try to get them posted there.  Not only can you look at the meet results, but you're able to compare times from throughout the season, or even across multiple seasons!  Go check it out!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Region Champs

Day 1 Of Region at Wasatch High School

Today is Region and the nerves are running high on all accounts. I was just as nervous for all the athletes as I am when I have a race. The kids had a fun time driving up, they warmed up together as a team, and had a great time together at the meet cheering each other on. They are a very close group and are always there for each other. It was beautiful out, a little cold and windy, but beautiful... Coach Thompson gave his motivational speech before the meet and the kids (and coaches) were really inspired and pumped up by it.
Despite all the nervous energy, the team came out today and competed!!! They did what they had to do and then some (they went the extra mile :)). Our entire team looked strong and confident and went for their goal.
As for the distance runners... The guys took 1st and 3rd in the mile to score some big points for the team. It was an exciting race to watch. It was an all out sprint for 1st, and RJ won by a fraction of a second (he leaned a little more forward than the 2nd place person to beat him out). The other boys ran well and some PR'd even in the wind. It was fun to watch them race well and give it their all. We had HUGE performances in multiple events--especially the field events!  We scored 24 points in the Boys High Jump, 19 points in the Boys Javelin, 11 points in the Girls Long Jump, among other point scorers.  We also qualified a lot of kids in many sprint races for tomorrow's finals.
We (the coaches) were in charge of running the long jump... That was nice for us because we were able to cheer on the  runners while they were racing. Well... Coach Warr had to keep burying Coach Hughes' foot every single time in the sand. She came home with half the sand from the pit. :/  Gary (our most faithful fan and bus driver) insisted on helping to with the long jump. We love him! By the end of the meet... Our boys were in 1st place and the girls in 2nd, I believe. But as Coach Thompson stated... No one cares who is ahead the 1st day, it all comes down to the 2nd day. It will be tough to hold onto both positions (from the males and females) because there is tough competition! But, if everyone does what they are very capable of doing, they should be able to hold on! Now another day to be anxious and nervous! ;) We love coaching and  love the feeling of being nervous for the kids. It's a joy sharing their triumphs and even their disappointments! They have helped us, as coaches, grow in so many ways.

2nd Day of Region:

It was off to the 2nd day of our Region (finals) track meet. It went as well as it could have gone!!! The boys did everything that they had to and then some to pull off a #1 Place In Region. They beat the 2nd place team by 72 points (we had 171 points total and the next team had 98 points... We were only supposed to win by about 10 points over the 2nd place team). The guys did well!
(As you can see... We as coaches were in charge of long jump again ;)). It was so fun to watch our athletes in this event.)
The team left our coaches speechless on many accounts. Every one of them performed amazingly!  As coaches, we've never been more proud of a group of teenage kids.  They truly rose to the occasion!
Another BIG shout out to RJ and Tate... They raced to compete and to win! In the 2 mile, that is just what they did. Tate took 1st and RJ took 2nd on a battle against each other to the finish. They were not even a second apart. They ran it very smart and pulled away from the pack the last 400. These 2 have been back and forth throughout the entire season and have helped each other grow mentally and physically!
For the 800's today... 4 of our distance runners placed in the top 8 to score the boy's team more points. It was exciting. I will say that about the sprints and field events as well... Many placed, where on paper going into the event, they shouldn't have. The 4 x 100 took first and their 4 x 400 took 2nd barely missing the 1st place by a fraction of a second.  The throwers (disc and shot put), did well and the long jump guys all did well. They gave it their all the past 2 days!!!
For the girls... It was the same. They went out to compete and they did well! The entire meet was exciting to watch. We had one of the high jump girls take 1st when going into it she was supposed to take 4th... There were a couple more that scored points and qualified for state. The javelin girls threw well and scored high in points and qualified in State. The throwers and long jumpers held their spot and did what they were supposed to do to PR and earn team points. Our sprinters raced so well, taking 1st in the 4 x 4, and breaking their own PR's, school records, qualifying for State, etc. (Both the male and females we had many qualify for State... very exciting.)

The team came together and helped each other out! I do want to say that that was the best part... Watching the entire team cheer on their teammates. This is A great group of kids!
 We love coaching and seeing all the athletes through their journey... Every runner/field event person on our team made us (the coaches) proud today! Nice job and Good times!!!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

BYU Invitational

This weekend our team traveled to BYU for the BYU Invitational... We have had great performances today (Friday)! A few more kids qualified for State, broke school records and just ran/competed well.
On Saturday's meet....

Again, we went to the BYU meet and watched our kids compete in all their events. We did amazing! Tate ran the mile and PR'd (personal record) by 11 seconds bringing his time down to a 4:25 and breaking the school record! He did take 1st in his heat. A great and exciting race to watch!
RJ also PR'd in the mile by 5 seconds (a 4:29) and popped a massive blister in the mile or his 800... RJ and Tate both PR'd in their 800 races as well!
The girls did well... Amber and Kailey PR'd in their 800's as well (2:23 and a 2:31)... They both ran a smart race and did not let up!
The rest of the team did really well with sprints and field events! As I stated before, many PR'd in the sprints and field events, qualified for State and/or broke the school records. This was and exciting weekend and as you can see... we were all tired!
I love watching this meet! Great runners from all over and excellent competition!!!